About Us

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Our Mission 

Herts Police Flying Club is dedicated to the spirit of aviation and to offering superior support and encouragement to its members in order for them to fulfil their aviation dreams.

Herts Police Flying club will offer its members ground school opportunities of the highest quality run by both club members and industry accredited individuals.

Herts Police Flying club is dedicated to supplying a social and recreational environment in which members can share the fun, excitement, and fellowship of general aviation.  This social environment will include organised fly in’s and club nights run on a regular basis.

Our Values

Herts Police Flying Club will have an Equal Opportunity Policy, where everyone feels valued, appreciated and knows that their presence makes a difference .

Herts Police Flying Club will foster an atmosphere of respect, support, and encouragement towards each other and value each other’s contributions.

An understanding that involvement can help prepare members and staff to be personally and professionally successful, lifelong learners, good citizens, leaders and knowledgeable members of an increasingly global, multicultural society.

We will, as a club and individuals, conduct ourselves ethically and with integrity. Respect will be shown for others in all we do. We act in the spirit of community, co-operation and aviation.